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The event was hosted by Grandmaster Darrell Lassiter and presided over by Head of Family Rev. Dr. Don Miskel, one of Count Dante’s original students from back in the day. There was a general meeting of the members Friday afternoon and an awards banquet that evening where twenty-five of the attendees were inducted into the Black Dragon Fighting Society Sport Karate Hall of Fame.

Saturday seminars featuring Original Taekwondo Grandmaster Len Kirschbaum certifying referees for the next day’s Kumite and future BDFS Sport Karate Inc. matches; Sensei Ashida Kim teaching Count Dante’s Dance of the Deadly Hands from 1968, one of the few acceptable self-defense forms that qualify an applicant for BDFS membership.

Grandmaster Irving Soto and Grandmasters Jim Grubb and Jim Washington providing instruction in grappling and ground fighting techniques; Dr. David Harris sharing his great knowledge of Dim Mak and healing methods with the assembled junior and senior belts.

Grandmasters Sky Benson and Hanshi Frank Dux, on whose life the classic martial arts film Bloodsport was based, teaching the Dux Ryu Fighting System; as well as Grandmasters Jay Blanton and Larry McFadden presenting the BDFS Anti-Bullying program.

Sunday was the tournament. It began with synchronized kata, then individual forms and weapons. In the afternoon came the Kumite, which as explained by Hanshi Dux, “is not for the spectators nor even the judges, but for the fighters themselves; there is no experience like stepping on the mat and facing a determined opponent, to see who is, on this day alone, the better fighter; because even a champion can be beat, and courage is not just about facing your fear, but also about persevering and never giving up. ”

Once again, the Black Dragons had come to Chicago, to change the world, and we have. By the example we set for others, by the fellowship and honor we hold so dear other martial artists and civilians can come to know that what will happen in one’s life is already written, but we must choose to be there, to participate, to grow and learn and dedicate ourselves to making the world a better place, so that all may benefit by our lives and harm come to no one.

The 2016 BDFS Annual Conference will be held in Lexington Kentucky on October 7, 8 and 9th. This will be an event to show our respects to past head of family Dr. Lawrence Day. Details are being set up for an exciting weekend.

Friday will be the dinner and awards banquet.

Saturday will be the point karate tournament. Divisions will be as followed -

Women's black belt will be first degree only, 2nd to 3rd degree, and then 4th degree and up.

Men's black belt 1st degree only, then 2nd to 3rd degree, and then 4th and 5th degree.

Masters 6th to 7th degree. Grandmaster 8th and 9th degree. Grandmaster 10th degree.

Then we will be holding a special event Saturday night at the fight. We will have up to 15 cage fights promoted by Dr. Day's brother Doug Day.

Also we will be doing nunchaku point match demo and flex sword point match as well for special seminar. There will be forms and weapons tournament as well.

Sunday will be seminars of some of the greatest Grandmasters in the world. You dont want to miss out. This will be a costly event and we encourage down payments ASAP. We will give more details to come with location and times.

Pricing is as follows -

Tournament will be $40 to enter, $10 for additional divisions. Saturday night fight tickets will be $25. Seminar will be $50.

Annual dues are $120 and Friday night dinner is $40. Hotel will be $270 total room cost will be up dated as soon possible.

This will be a great weekend and a memorable time for under $500 dollars, you don't want to miss out!

Dr. Len G. Kirschbaum


The Black Dragon Fighting Society exists as a congress and confederation of martial artists for the purpose of preserving, practicing and promoting the martial arts. To qualify, an applicant must present certifiable documentation of rank or be an expert in one of the few acceptable self-defense forms recognized by the brotherhood. Many World Famous Champions have been unable to meet the strict extrance requirements and have failed to gain admission into our forbidden fraternity.

The Black Dragon Fighting Society does not arbitrarily award rank. Graduation and rank advancement require evaluation of credentials and skill by the IFAA Promotions and Review Board. But, we do recognize rank that you have earned, time-in-grade, natural skill and ability, military and law enforcement training, mixed martial arts, life experience and techniques learned on the street. This is an entry level affiliate membership. Full Membership is by invitation only and requires sponsorship by an active member of the Brotherhood and approval of the Grandmasters Council. The exact membership, and training procedures and occult teachings in the most savage and terrifying fistic and grappling arts known to man are closely guarded secrets of the fellowship, who are sworn to a Vow of Silence and joined together in an initiation ceremony of blood. We are not "recruiting new members." We are inviting our fellow martial artists to join us in this noble mission.

•Be part of a global fraternity and growing network of diverse martial artist that is currently recognized by the Mongolian and South African governments and has representatives in the U.S. and dozens of other countries.

•Ability to tap into our strength by being a martial art family of one that protects against racial bias, virtual online bullies, political entanglements and cultivate a kindred spirit for the arts.

•Register your current rank and be globally recognized via network of affiliate Dojo.

•Access to international resources from the Society's instructional library.

•Ability to petition for rank advancement testing in current style from qualified masters.

•Opportunity to participate in the growth of our Society and receive honors and financial rewards in the process.

•Receive discounted entry to our Black Dragon teaching seminars and our annual Fellowship Meeting.

•Opportunity to mingle, learn and associate with pioneers and giants in the industry.

•Future benefits will include group insurance for your school and personalized IFAA credit card.

You will receive:

*11 x 17 parchment Certificate of Membership signed by nine Grandmasters of the Black Dragon Fighting Society, including Hanshi Frank Dux, Dr. Lawrence Day and Sensei Ashida Kim, recognizing you as a Registered Martial Artist of our fraternal order. Please indicate your rank, style and name spelling as you wish it to appear on the certificate to be kept on file as part of your Permanent Record.

*One each embroidered Official Black Dragon Fighting Society Membership Patch, Official Identification Card signed by the Head of Family-Patriarch Council, and 4 x 8 inch History Scroll.

*Registry of IFAA Grandmasters including History, Traditions and Mission Statement of our Brotherhood.

*Your Name, Rank and Contact information will be added to the Official Black Dragon Fighting Society Webpage, verifying your membership, valdating your rank, and enabling new students to find and contact you. For an additional One-Time-Only fee of $35 your picture and biography will be added to the yearly Black Belt Registry.

*Password to the Black Dragon Fighting Society Online Library including over 2000 Martial Arts, History, Qi Gong, Health and Longevity texts in PDF format, for an additional One-Time-Only fee of $35 your book will will be added to this Collection, if you do not have a published text Dojo Press will help you produce one.

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Grandmaster Lawrence Day


We Thought of you with Love today
But that is nothing new
We thought about you yesterday
and days before that too
We think of you in silence
We often speak your name
Now all we have is memories
And your picture in a frame
Your memory is our keepsake
With which we'll never part
God has you in his keeping
We have you in our heart

The Legacy of a Martial Arts Master

The terms master and grandmaster are overused in the martial arts. Shihan, Hanshis, Sokes. Professors and Doctors abound in our ranks. Some are deserving of those titles, some not. Some have earned the degrees and honorifics, some haven’t. Some titles are honorary and some earned. When you see the titles attached to someone’s name there is no explanation to go with it. I shouldn’t complain. I am refered to most of the above by my students and peers and I have been thusly recognized by several organizations and various governing bodies. My degrees are earned and as such are authentic but I have several honorary degrees to go with them. Whether or not I’m deserving of the titles I wear would be according to who you asked. Since I don’t put much store in titles anyway it’s no problem with me. Those who accept any of us accept us. Those who believe in us believe in us. In the end it is our skill, ability and knowledge that describes and justifies us.

Aside from the many titles floating around there are some who are more than worthy of the titles they wear. I have had the opportunity in my martial art career to study with several well thought of and celebrated masters. Several of those that I have been affiliated with are not as well known and less appreciated by most of the martial arts community. Some have shed the limelight and some have been steeped in controversy. More often than not the controversy had nothing to do with their ability or validity. These men are masters and grandmasters in their own right and are as accomplished as the more decorated of their brethren. That makes them no less worthy of their titles or the rank that they have achieved.

Some of you have heard of the death of one of the martial arts luminaries and unsung heroes. Those of you who haven’t will hear of it in the days to come. I speak of my senior grandmaster, teacher and friend, Dr. Lawrence Day. Dr. Day has worked quietly in the realm of the martial arts seeking little fame, fortune or recognition. He was just satisfied to do what he did, namely to study, train and teach.

Dr. Day studied under some of the best martial arts masters available. His initial training was with the old World Karate Federation, The United States Karate Association and the Black Dragon Fighting Society. His teachers in those august organizations were Jim Konservic, Douglas Dwyer, John Keehan,  Robert Trias, Don Madden and Master Tanaka, all sensei, masters and grandmasters in their own right. Later he studied with several Chinese kung fu, chi kung and chaun fa instructors such as Sin The and Yuzee Yeh and was expert in northern shaolin kung fu and several of the internal Taoist systems such as Tai Chi, Hsing I and pua kua.

Dr. Day was a superlative martial artist and a philosopher and historian. He taught and mentored many martial artists, myself included. Dr. Day and I came up through the ranks together and though we started with the WKF and the BDFS at the same time he was older than me and was able to test for his black belt sooner. Black belts weren’t given to students under eighteen and dan level students were privy to techniques and training that weren’t available to kyu level students. Thus Dr. Day became one of my seniors. I was blessed to know Dr. Day from our involvement with the WKF and BDFS in the mid sixties. We have been friends, associates and brothers in the arts since that time. Though I branched out into other areas of study I still consider Dr. Day of my seniors, teachers and mentors. In my martial art career I have only called one man sensei and two master. Dr. Day was one of the former. I am richer to have known him and I’m proud of the years of association with him. Dr. Day was the IFAA Official Black Dragon Fighting Society’s head grandmaster and keeper of the flame. When others of us had gone in our several ways he retained and maintained the vision of the BDFS founder John Keehan, AKA Count Dante. Without his faithfulness there would be no BDFS today

At our reunion in October Dr. Day said that I was the ‘Head of Family’ because of my more lengthy association with our founder but in all truth that position was his and rightfully so. I bow to him and the seeds that he has sown into my life and the life of many others.

Aside from being one of the Patriarchs, original members and senior grandmasters of the IFAA BDFS I am its chaplain and counselor. I am also a licensed and ordained minister and pastor. In that capacity and at the behest of the family and the BDFS organization I will have the honor of performing Dr. Day’s memorial service and funeral. I will be doing that with my colleague, fellow pastor and BDFS member Dr. Sam Lonewolf. We will come together not to mourn the death of a friend and comrade at arms but to celebrate the life and the time we were privileged to share with him. My brother has entered into the next phase of his life career and has been called home to his eternal reward. God bless you and rest in peace, my beloved brother and friend. OSS.

Details of the service for Dr. Lawrence Day will be released in the near future. He will be eulogized and laid to rest in Lexington, Kentucky.

Rev. Dr. Donald Miskel

The Black Dragon Fighting Society "REUNION"

October 5th, 6th, 7th
Lexington, Kentucky


Exciting News

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Emerald Coast Seminar 2009

Training with KaJuKenBo Grandmaster Ron Pierce

19 September-Saturday

Sunny Florida was the stage for Grandmaster Ron Pierce. It was the annual End of Summer seminar hosted by Shotokan Master Joe Cayer through Emerald Coast Martial Arts of Ft. Walton Beach FL

Grandmaster Ron Pierce

A true martial arts pioneer Grandmaster Pierce has 48 years of experience training martial artists, law enforcement and military personnel in a variety of diverse arts. He is a first generation Black Belt in the Sijo Adriano Emperado KaJuKenBo Fighting System. The first American martial art, founded in Hawaii in 1947. He is an original member of the Black Dragon Fighting Society and a Grandmaster of the Black Dragon Fighting Monks Society as well as co-founder of his personal KaJuKenBo art, Pierce Family Gung Fu, which is composed of forms and techniques thousands of years old, adapted for modern day use. These methods have been taught by Grandmaster Pierce to police departments and military personnel all over the world. As he explained, “I have often played the victim. Some staggering old bum people think they can rob. Sometimes the cops don’t get there in time to rescue me quick enough and I have to kind of explode on the bad guys. That’s why it’s good to know forms, but surviving the parking lot is also good health.”

Other grandmasters in attendance included Doug Dwyer, one of the original Black Dragon members who had trained with John Keehan and Robert Trias in the early days of American Karate and founder of the Midwest Yudanshakai in the early nineteen sixties.

Grandmasters Ron Pierce, Stoffel van Vuuren, Frank Dux and Doug Dwyer

Grandmaster Lawrence Day

10th Dan Grand Master Lawrence Day, who began his Martial Arts journey with the Black Dragon Fighting Society under Count Dante whose real name was Grandmaster John Keehan was there. Most of the teaching was done by Grandmaster Doug Dwyer, John's best friend in the late or mid 60's. In the 70's and mid 80's he studied with Grandmaster Sin The, Grandmaster Robert Trias and Grandmaster Don Madden. He has studied Tai-chi and Chi-kung from Yuzee Yeh. He has also studied with Grandmaster Tanaka. Dr. Day was honored by being named a 37th generation Warrior Monk under Grandmaster Young Di of the Shaolin Temple. Dr. Day continues teaching and learning Tai-chi, Chi-kung and his passion, Chi-ma, or Fa-ching poison hand for over 45 years.

Hanshi Frank Dux

Frank Dux, of Bloodsport fame, was present. From 1975 through 1980, Frank Dux honed his personal protection skills to the point it where they transformed him into the first truly Ultimate Fighting Champion. He held the title of Kokuryukai World Full Contact Kumite (no-holds-barred) Champion, retiring undefeated after establishing 16 WORLD RECORDS; many of which have remain unbroken for more than 25 years. As a result he has been inducted into five Martial Arts Halls of Fame as a “Living Legend.” His name became so world renowned in the underground fight world that it came to be immortalized by the 1988 motion picture based upon his early life achievements, entitled Bloodsport, responsible for launching the film career of Jean Claude Van Damme - it is a cult classic, globally popular - attributed to Frank Dux inspiring story and implementation of a new, realistic type of fight choreography, Hollywood film makers adopted and still use today. While visiting Ft. Walton Beach Hanshi Dux also stopped by the Boys & Girls Club of the Emerald Coast’s Okaloosa County Teen Center. He didn’t speak to them to tout himself or relive the glory days that made him famous. Instead he offered advice and wise counsel. “The point of martial arts is not the mastering of others, but the mastering of yourself,” explained Dux, who received the California Youth Karate Dragon Award for his humanitarian work with disadvantaged and disabled children. “Whenever I go to a new place, I try to either visit with veterans or kids,” Dux added between autographs. “It’s just who I am as a person.” 

Grandmaster Ernie Reynolds, another original Black Dragon member, traveled from Tennessee to participate and brought his number one student. Kendo player, Judo player, bodybuilding champ, grappling expert, karate master and Martial Arts Hall of Famer are just a few of the accomplishments of Dr. Reynolds. He is a member of the I.M.A.A. and the N.R.A. and is a certified weapons instructor and V.I.P. Bodyguard who has protected many famous celebrities. He has appeared in many books and has a series of 25 video tapes on Iaido, quick-drawing of the live blade. As an instructor he has taught countless children and adults. He has taught many handicapped children martial arts as well. Blind, deaf, autistic, not one was ignored. His personality and dedication never fails to inspire.

Grandmaster David Harris, honored this year by the Martial Arts Hall of Fame as the founder of the Shun Shen Tao style, recipient of the Wong Fei Hung Excellence in Martial Arts Award, and Black Dragon member, was there as well. He had brought his cups and rods and Dit Da Jow and Chi Kung skills to demonstrate the subtleties of traditional Chinese medicine on those willing to endure the treatment.

Mysterious Ninja Photographer

And, there was a strange Ninja figure some said was Ashida Kim, lurking about the crowd, quietly videotaping the seminar as a memento of the event and a notebook for those who attended. These DVDs are available through Master Joe Cayer. There were Black Belt students from Kentucky, Louisiana, Georgia and Alabama. No one wanted to miss an opportunity to train with the legendary Grandmaster Ron Pierce.

The Seminar

The class was called to order at 9 a.m. Grandmaster Pierce went over the syllabus of the day. He began by explaining the movements, meaning and symbolism of the KaJuKenBo bow used to start the first practice form. It was Palama #9 One of the kata or formal exercises of the Hawaiian based system. KaJuKenBo is an American style martial art created by Professor Adriano D. Emperado. The name stands for the styles from which it was developed: Ka - Karate; Ju - Judo Jujitsu; Ken - Kenpo Karate; Bo - Chinese Boxing. It was founded in 1947 at the Palamas Settlement on Oahu, Hawai with the aid of several other martial artists, by Professor Adriano Emperado who founded the Black Belt Society, which consisted of black belts from various martial arts backgrounds who met to train and learn with each other. This was the beginning of an evolutionary, adaptive style designed to combine the most useful aspects of the arts. The emphasis during training was on realism - so much so that students routinely broke bones, fainted from exhaustion, or were knocked unconscious.

Grandmaster Pierce demonstrating the practice forms

The practice forms, however, are performed against imaginary opponents. This is part of the practice, to visualize the opponent and the vital and fatal points of his anatomy. In each of these combinations, the technique begins with a block and finishes with a hand weapon strike to a specific Dim Mak Target Point, any one of which will render an opponent unconscious with less than ten pounds of pressure. Then the applications are practiced with a partner to discover the subtle actions of balance and leverage thatenable the secret fighting arts methods to be so highly effective and deadly. This was the first “dance of death” to be learned that day. After ninety non-stop minutes and many repetitions Grandmaster Pierce was satisfied that most of the Black Belt class had grasped the sequence sufficiently to move on. As he explained he was not demonstrating any new techniques, only new combinations and ways to use strikes and takedowns with which most in attendance were familiar. The class was relaxed and familiar, with his good humor making the time go swiftly. When he asked if they were “ready for number two?” All snapped to attention and made the appropriate response, “Yessir!” And, they moved on. There was no break, no need to rest, no one was tired, they were all enthusiastic.

In another hour, they paused and Grandmaster Dwyer walked among them and explained some of the subtle points of what his friend had been showing. He spoke of how speed was a weapon that could be used to break the opponent’s balance. And, pointed out that what appeared to be a simple blocking action was, in fact, many small movements, all contributing to the opponent’s downfall. Everyone listened with rapt attention. For these were words and teachings from men who had fought for there lives many times. In alleys against gangs, on the streets against muggers, in the ring against fighters many times there size. And, they had prevailed. You can’t buy experience and wisdom like that. You can only hope to learn from it.

Before lunch they practiced the Snake Style, sinuous, shifting movements back and forth, twisting to and fro to tone the stomach muscles, the symbol of the Earth element, represented by the snake. It is an ancient kung fu form. In modern times many martial artists seek to “invent” a new kata. They string their favorite techniques into a chain and work to make the transitions between the combinations smooth. But, true kata conform to the Laws of the Five Elements and the principles of Yin and Yang. The snake is only one such example.

And, Grandmaster Pierce instructed them in the use and concealment of a simple Kung Fu weapon, easily manufactured anywhere in the world and easily hidden on the person in such a way that it can be quickly drawn in self-defense and slash any attacker to the bone with a single swipe. As the grandmasters agreed, it is not about the fame or the fancy footwork or the notoriety. It is about being able to defend yourself and survive. And, no one would leave any of these classes without that ability. After a quick review of the first two forms, everyone took a break for lunch.

Grandmaster Pierce demonstrating application of the techniques

When they returned Grandmaster Dwyer taught the class Uke Gata Waza. This is a dynamic blocking technique used to pull an opponent forward off balance into a devastating secondary strike. Every student had an opportunity to try his hand at unbalancing the master so they could learn firsthand with actual experience the hidden meaning and application of the technique. He also discussed the importance of breathing and breath control, explaining the relationship between rapid breathing and heart rate and how this releases pheromones that can be sensed by many animals in nature and those who have practiced martial arts. It is the smell of fear. And, it could cost you your life. To overcome this the ancients have taught to breathe slowly and deeply. That too is part of the formal practice of kata.

Grandmaster Pierce then taught the fourth Dance of Death form that he had come to share with us- Tai Chi Chuan. He demonstrated how even to seemingly softest and most flowing movements, when directed by intent to harm the enemy, could transform such gentle actions as Hold the Ball and Dragon Takes a Step into crippling armlocks and leg breakers. All the while pointing out that each of these exercises was also providing a therapeutic movement for a specific internal organ, the corresponding organ of which in the destructive cycle of Five Element energy was the target point on the enemy’s body. Snake Style being Earth, for example. Earth destroys water by damming it up. Therefore, many strikes in the snake style act at the Kidneys, the organ associated with the Water Element.

In the afternoon there was a review of all that had gone before and a question and answer session, with Grandmaster Pierce fielding questions from the class and answering all with good humor and simplicity. The day concluded with group pictures all ‘round and a good time was had by all. The assembled crew gathered at Sensei Cayer’s house thereafter for steak, hamburgers and hot dogs. The party lasted long into the night. No one wanted it to end. Many old friendships were renewed and many new ones formed. There is a brotherhood in the martial arts that is not easily understood by others. You see it in these gatherings. The respect for the old masters, the admiration for what they have accomplished, the eagerness to learn what they know and become better people. To love what you do, and believe it makes a difference, there is no greater joy. For this tremendous opportunity we express our deepest gratitude to Sensei Cayer and Emerald Coast Martial Arts.

Grandmasters and students assembled at the end of class

(l-r) Grandmasters David Harris, Doug Dwyer, Health Club Director Jennifer, Frank

Ashida Kim
American Representative
DOJO-Academy of Martial Arts

Emerald Coast Martial Arts Summer Seminar

  Come join us for our end of Summer

Black Dragon Fighting Society Training Clinic

Grand Master Ron Pierce

Sunny Florida will be the stage as martial arts pioneer & original Black Dragon Fighting Society member, Ron Pierce leads us in the Emperado method of Kajukenbo (karate-judo-jujitsu-kenpo-chinese boxing).  Sensei is also a Grand Master of the Black Dragon Fighting Monks Society.

Day one of the clinic consists of empty hand tactics followed in day two with oriental weaponry training at its best.  

Master will lead us through the devastating techniques that he has accumulated over decades of training.

Learn street tactics that only a master can provide.

Register early!

Admission is $125 or $100 if paid in advance

Dates: Saturday & Sunday- September 19th & 20th 2009

9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Location:  Fitness for Everyone Gym @ #109 Hughes St., Ft. Walton Beach, FL, USA 32548

Contact Master Joe Cayer for further info @ 1-866-636-3309 or BDFSFWB@gmail.com

Guest appearances by Black Dragon Grand Masters:

Doug Dwyer - Lawrence Day - Jerry Cook - Frank Dux - Ashida Kim

All styles are welcome!!

2009 USMA Hall of Fame

By Ashida Kim
Grandmaster of the Year

On August 1, 2009, I was honored by being inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Grandmaster of the Year in ceremonies held at Grand Ballroom of the Sheraton Downtown Nashville TN.

Receiving the award from Prof. Marty Cale IMAC

Frank Dux of Bloodsport fame was there with a crew of independent film makers producing a documentary of his exploits since the release of that historic motion picture called Beyond Bloodsport.

Hanshi Frank Dux with Grandmaster Lawrence Day

But, the star of the show was . Grandmaster Vic Moore. His participation was part of the second reunion of the surviving Original Members of the Black Dragon Fighting Society organized by Grandmaster Lawrence Day of Ft. Walton Beach FL. Of the original twenty-three, only ten remain, eight were in attendance.

Lawrence Day, Frank Dux, Chris Bashaw, Ron Pierce, Vic Moore, Doug Dwyer, Ashida Kim

Sensei Moore was the first black American Karate Champion. He beat everyone. Mike Stone, famous for training Elvis Presley and his own movie career now, had an undefeated record of 91 wins and no losses. Until he met Sensei Moore. Chuck Norris fell before him. Bill Superfoot  Wallace was no match for him. At the famous Long Beach Tournament in 1967 where he was discovered, even Bruce Lee could not defeat him.

When Dux and Moore spotted each other across the lobby they greeted each other warmly and immediately began exchanging blocks and parries. I fought and beat em all. Chuck Norris, Joe Lewis, Bill Wallace, Bruce Lee...Frank Dux was the only person I couldn't beat. And he was still a kid at the time. He learned from me and I said to everyone he was the one to watch. The one who was going to take it all---the real kumite, what we see as Bloodsport.  Moore would later say on camera for the Beyond Bloodsport production.

Frank Dux and Vic Moore- old friends having at it in the Sheraton lobby

He was honored with a special Lifetime Achievement Award by the Black Dragon Fighting Society. Grandmaster Lawrence Day told of the time in the turbulent sixties when a tournament was held in an all-white  hotel, and they refused to admit Moore to the facility, let alone let him participate. To which Day told them, If you don t let him in, you will have no tournament. He is the defending champion.  No more discussion was required. During an interview he let one of the larger lads choke him with two hands to demonstrate that even at 66, he could not be hurt. Then he let the man try to lift him off the ground, to prove he could not be moved. And all the while he kept saying it was all in the breathing and the mind, so he could not be stopped. The award was presented by Frank Dux and the entire assembly rose to its feet in a standing ovation for the wisdom and experience of such an outstanding pioneer of American martial arts.

The only other man they all rose for was Supreme Grandmaster Ciraico Cacoy  Canete who started learning Escrima at the age of 7. He was born in 1919 and still teaches the armed and unarmed art of Eskrido.

Grandmaster Bustillo and Supreme Grandmaster "Cacoy" Canete

He is the only 12th degree Black Belt and highest ranking member of the Doce Eskrima Club. He too was honored with a special award presented by Grandmaster Richard Bustillo, an original student of the legendary Bruce Lee and a founding member of the Bruce Lee Educational Foundation. GM Bustillo is certified as a law enforcement tactics instructor by the FBI, LA County Sheriff s Department and the LA Police Department where he functions as a consultant for the LAPD s Civilian Martial Arts Advisory Panel. GM Bustillo graced the assembled with his rendition of the only song he knows in English  and we all joined in singing Happy Birthday  as GM Canete was presented with a birthday cake to celebrate the occasion. It is an honor and a privilege to be numbered among such men.

Ready for class Friday morning

Thursday afternoon Hanshi Dux had presented a seminar for those assembled for the event. Friday morning I was also privileged to demonstrate some of the techniques with which I am familiar. Other Grandmasters like Canete and Bustillo who were present had also held classes for those wishing to learn their styles and study other systems. Among them, Iaido Headmaster and Aikido Shihan Jonathan Bannister.

Also in attendance was Swordmaster Jerry Cook. And, Master Daniel Young of Young s Martial Arts Academy. As well as, Dr. Christopher Bashaw promoting his new book Shinobi-Modern Ninjutsu Pioneers. It was a wonderful learning opportunity.

Mike Huffman, Ted Molina, Jerry Cook (center), Jonathan Bannister, Severiano Moreno, Kat Banson, OJ Guerra, Rod Eliot

From there we went to the local VA hospital with the film crew and Hanshi Dux. As a veteran himself he knows the boredom that can accompany a hospital stay, and how a visit from a brother-in-arms can brighten up your day. The outing had been organized by Master Joe Cayer, transport and security provided by Master Jr. Cobb, both of the Florida Black Dragon Fighting Society. We were greeted warmly by the staff but not allowed to film due to Homeland Security restrictions at Federal facilities.

Masters Jr. Cobb and Joe Cayer training in Florida

Once inside we met many men, real men, who welcomed us. Hanshi Dux spoke with each in turn. They chatted and smiled and talked of places they had been and friends they had known and lost. One Marine patient had followed Dux career since his service. He knew more about me than I did myself.  Hanshi remarked later. Once the word got out he was in the building people began popping up to see what was going on. At first it was security. They had an instant rapport with Hanshi Dux and broke into big smiles as soon as they shook his hand. We talked with them for a while after our first visit to the recreation area where Hanshi Dux demonstrated how to unbalance a person with one finger on a young lady from the audience. She was quite amused at how simple it was and told the story of it to everyone who came in afterward. Soon the halls were mildly congested with staff from all over the hospital, come to see a living legend and find him to be as kind and warm hearted and caring as they themselves. Still pictures were taken by the house photographer for the hospital Newsletter. Autographs and DVDs of Bloodsport were handed out to all. Addresses were exchanged, with hugs and handshakes all around, from a representative of a grateful nation to its servicemen who had given so much. Because, you see, it wasn t about shooting film for a documentary. It was about being there.

Back to the hotel for a series of Black Dragon meetings. In the afternoon I fear we monopolized the coffee bar just off the main lobby shooting pictures of the Original Members, and distributing literature and DVDs to the members in attendance. Must have seemed quite a crew to the hotel staff, the uniforms, the choreography, the camaraderie and fellowship. Even though they had seen similar gatherings before at previous Hall of Fame events, seldom was there a groups so open and dedicated and joyful in their martial arts experience.

Grandmaster Kim and Hanshi Dux signing autographs in the lobby

It has often been said of the Black Dragons that we will let anyone in. We don t care what your style or rank or color may be. All that matters to us is merit and valor. And, if you cause trouble, we will throw you out just as quick. Because martial arts are not about fighting. They are about self-improvement, about becoming a better person every day. About helping others and empowering the individual to stand up for himself so he can do the right thing. You can t be the hero of your own life if you live in fear. You must face your fear and let it pass through you, and then there will be nothing. Only then do you stand on the threshold of truth.

Hanshi Dux said during this gathering that one of the things he wanted to do when he was starting out in martial arts long ago was to fight the best fighter in the world and see if he could stand toe-to-toe with him in the ring, because if he could, he would know it was all worth it.  That man was Master Vic Moore, and they are the best of friends. Frank Dux credits Moore for having forged him into a Champion he is today. After he challenged him as a young man and was not defeated.

To which Grandmaster Moore said , Back then, we didn t stop until there was blood on the floor, not like these days where you can't touch the face, groin,...hence, FULL CONTACT KUMITE STYLE FIGHTING using a handkerchief wrapped sponge on the knuckles.  Robert Trias, the Father of American Karate said of Grandmaster Moore many times, that besides being a great champion, Vic Moore was the best teacher of kara-te he d seen.  One could have no greater compliment nor proof than his life and legend.

For each member martial arts trains and disciplines the body. All disciplines are respected equally. Exchange of knowledge and mutual respect is the key to harmony. This way, we can work together. We should not have disrespect or fight among ourselves. We need to be strong so we can set a good example for all. We only contest with each other to determine our level of skill. Not to kill, to dominate, to impose our will. Only to test ourselves, against ourselves, so that we may discover ourselves and continue to grow and evolve to become better people. And, we play hard.

As Prof. Cale pointed out in his speech at the induction ceremony, what divides us is politics. Now is not the time for petty disputes over whose teacher was older, faster, smarter, nor how many certificates or trophies you have hanging on the wall. This is the 21st century. What are we going to do now?

We are going to set a good example for all. Wong Fei Hung is the most famous boxer in all of Chinese history. He was also a skilled physician. He was such an example to his people that more movies have been made about him than any other martial artist. He was famous for helping the poor and protecting the weak from oppression. He did not try to change the world. He just made his little corner as good and as kind and as peaceful as possible. And that is what we have always done. No one hates war more than a soldier. The killing, the pain and suffering, the waste of resources and lives. That is why we train. To be ready. To establish, restore, or maintain good order. We don t like to fight. We love to practice, to test ourselves against each other to make each other strong and fit, to help each other, so we can live good lives and enjoy them. As Master Moore said in one interview. These old schools were what made us men.

Now it is our turn to show the next generation of seekers that Path. My teacher told me, Ninjitsu is not for everybody, only for those who seek it out.  And this applies to any art, martial or not. We are not a secret organization. We are an organization with secrets. And, we gladly share them with anyone who asks. But, you must ask, and you must be worthy. We do not cast pearls before swine. Grandmaster Ron Pierce of the Pierce Family Martial Arts system said it best while he was demonstrating his Iron Palm technique before the documentary film crew after the ceremonies. It s called Ohana, a Hawaiian word that means kinship.  We are family, no one gets left behind. We have uncles and brothers and cousins all over the world.

One reporter for the LA Times when trying to criticize Hanshi Dux said that he could find no evidence to support Mr. Dux claim of having fought in the Kumite and no record to the Black Dragon Fighting Society at all.  To which Grandmaster Day replied, Well, he didn t look very hard, cause we re everywhere.  To which Hanshi Dux added, People talk about lineage and documentation and credentials all the time as if they meant something. 329 fights, 16 unbroken world records, and ready to go again anytime, that s my credentials. What have you got? 

And, that, is only the beginning. We have both sides of the coin. One of the other inductees this year was Grandmaster David Harris. He was recognized as the Founder of the Shun Shen Tao system. He translates as The Easy Way  from Mandarin Chinese. It is a devastating martial and healing art based on the Ku Kim System, that he inherited from his teacher. He put on a virtual clinic at the event. Just as everyone came to see Hanshi Dux at the VA, soon the word was out that Grandmaster Harris was in town and using his knowledge of Chinese medicine to help repair old injuries and demonstrate Iron Body so new ones would not occur. He is a gentle man, working quietly along the sidelines, asking no payment or reward, only to help take away the pain of his friends.

David Harris, Ashida Kim, Frank Dux at the Award Banquet

Nor is he alone in this knowledge. As one Black Dragon Member said when speaking with him, It s so nice to be able to say Gall Bladder 24 and have the other people you are talking to know what you mean.  This is the Dim Mak, the Poison Hand, the Delayed Death Touch made famous by John Keehan, also known as Count Dante. Frank Dux knew him back in the day. He explained that Count Dante was the name John Keehan fought under in the Kumite and other underground matches of the period. Hanshi Dux was trained by Tiger Tanaka, but he learned the Dim Mak strike shown in Bloodsport where he breaks the bottom brick in a stack of seven from Grandmaster Lawrence Day, a personal student of Grandmaster Doug Dwyer and John Keehan in Chicago in the 1960s. It is a secret technique known only to the Black Dragons. It is the strike with which he stunned the big Samoan in the movie. The ability to penetrate the surface and strike internally. With such power comes great responsibility.

That is why we were there. To be recognized by our peers for having made this journey and come back with this knowledge and experience. To see old friends and make new ones. To recall the old days and tell the tales of high adventure and to make plans for the future. None of us set out long ago to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. We just did the best we could and were lucky. It wasn't always easy, but it was fun.

It is with sincere appreciation that I extend my eternal gratitude and thanks to Prof. Marty Cale and Assistant Vice-President John Terry of the International Martial Arts Councilfor their kind hospitality and the great honor they have bestowed upon me by hosting this annual event and allowing me to participate. It was truly an honor to run with the big dogs  this weekend. And, to those few misguided souls who threatened to disrupt the festivities by coming down and "kickin' my ass." Looked all over for you guys, couldn't find you anywhere, LOL

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