Soke/Master Robert Blanton

 Ni Dai Soke Robert Blanton is a martial artist who studied under his father, Soke/ Grandmaster Jay Blanton.

Robert has had the opportunity to study under Grandmaster Kang Rhee (Elvis Presley’s Karate Instructor), Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, UFC World Champion Frank Shamrock, O’Sensei Philip Porter, Sifu Richard Bustillo (Bruce Lee’s student), Sensei Lou Periello, Professor George Kirby, Grandmaster Ken Eubanks, Grandmaster Cirialo “Caloy” Canete and many other great martial artists over the years associated with his father.

Robert has been inducted into several Hall of Fames for his accomplishments. Ni Dai Soke Robert Blanton graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of South Florida in History. He has taught in his father’s dojos in Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida. He also assists his father at seminars around the country. Robert is one of the up and coming new generations of leaders both in the martial arts community and the general public.

Robert also founded a club at USF called the Mang Ho Martial Arts Club where he taught Women’s Self-Defense as well as Adults.

Soke Jay Blanton promoted Robert to Ni Dai Soke - Heir to Mang Ho Jujitsu Ryu April 18th, 2010, and He was also promoted to Master 5th Degree Blackbelt in Mang Ho Jujitsu Ryu May 4th 2010.

On July 11th 2011 the European Jujitsu Union also certified Robert as Ni Dai Soke and Master 5th Degree Blackbelt in Mang Ho Jujitsu Ryu by EJJU President Javier Galen, 10th Degree Blackbelt.

Ni Dai Soke / Master Robert Blanton have also taught Mang Ho Cane Kwon Do Ryu to seniors and Mang Ho Brave Tigers/Tigeresses to Handicapped People.