Antonello Caccioppola

Antonello Caccioppola  was born in Vasto in Italy in 1975 He started practicing martial arts since childhood. At the age of 7 years has started to practice Kung Fu Wushu and Wing Chun.

As the water follows its course and never stops, his desire to get to know the wonderful world of martial arts specializing in Jeet Kune Do and Self Defence, finding its completion with the Ninjutsu martial arts.

 At the age of 17 years he participated in the national tournament Kung Fu won the first position.

 In 2000 he obtained a diploma as a qualification for teaching Jeet Kune Do instructor level 1st,  then continuing to study as self-taught.

 In the years since, he has earned several certificates of Tai Jutsu, Hanbo Jutsu, Tanto Jutsu  coming in 2007 to achieve the title of Menkyo Chuden of Ninjutsu. He holds a 5th       Degree Black Belt in Koga Hai Lung Ryu and is the Italian representative of the IFAA.

 Since 2008 the Master independently manages his dojo “Shoryu” studying and teaching the Japanese martial traditions of Iga and Koga.

 It also an expert in “spiritual energy and refinement.” “Because the art of Ninjutsu is not just the body's defense, but it is a real philosophy of life”.